A stunner in Texas Senate Race.

A stunner in Texas Senate Race – Conservative “Darling” Ted Cruz wins!

We have done it with other, special primary candidates. Now we did it with Ted Cruz.

The “we” is American Principles PAC.

The “it” means supporting what appear to be long shot candidates long before they take the lead.

We first met Ted at a Miami Beach event in March 2011. We were with him again in Miami in Dec. 2011. Then in March 2012, he joined a group of 50+ at a Shabbat Dinner during CPAC. He stayed the entire time, with no $ involved.

Ted barely survived the primary two months ago. Had his opponent, wealthy self-funding Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst, gotten a few more percentage points, Ted would have been DONE and OUT!!!

As was (now Sen.) Marco Rubio’s meteoric ascent in the polls during his 2010 campaign, so was this a remarkable victory.

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