Is Florida Sen. Bill Nelson (D) Bought off by Radical Islamists?

Senator Bill Nelson FLA Democrat

With nearly $8 million in the bank, incumbent Florida Sen. Nelson (D) still allows himself to be bought off by radical Islamists

Dear Friends and Activists,

The left’s unholy and incongruous alliance with radical Islam continues. (See article below.)

Progressives (aka liberals and Democrats) are bought off by radical Islamists and then claim they knew nothing of the backgrounds of their “hate America” supporters.

For any politician, especially one as “savvy” and with as huge a taxpayer-funded supporting staff as that of Sen. Nelson, to come out and claim ignorance of their Islamic funders indicates the Senator’s disdain for the intelligence of the ordinary voter, as well as his disregard of our American Principles.

If a sitting U.S. senator is  actually that ignorant of the threat of radical Islam to this country, then it’s all over.

To add insult, Nelson’s office issues a statement saying that “Sen. Nelson does not know Mr. Bedier [huh???], who made a relatively small contribution of $500”. [That’s right, he claims to NOT know the same Bedier who is prominently displayed in the photos speaking with Sen. Nelson and shaking his hands, and apparently emceeing the event as well.]  The campaign returned Bedier’s check because it “learned of some highly controversial statements Bedier made about Israel” which disagree with Nelson’s views, the statement said.  Big deal…the event reportedly raised some $50,000!!!

If you love America, and you are a friend of Israel – the U.S.’s only reliable democratic ally in this volatile region, then you can send Bill Nelson packing back to the Space Coast (and perhaps even into space) in November 2012.