Key Democrat Impeachment Witness, Harvard Law Prof Feldman, is a Sharia Admirer


In his 2008 NYTimes Op-Ed, Noah Feldman wote that “for most of its history, Islamic law offered the most liberal and humane legal principles available anywhere in the world”, calls its revival “extraordinary”, and further stated that “the West needs Shariah and Islam”.

In another notable segment, Feldman raised the following question: “How is it that what so many Westerners see as the most unappealing and premodern aspect of Islam is, to many Muslims, the vibrant, attractive core of a global movement of Islamic revival? The explanation surely must go beyond the oversimplified assumption that Muslims want to use Shariah to reverse feminism and control women — especially since large numbers of women support the Islamists in general and the ideal of Shariah in particular.” I’m sure there are many women who believe otherwise.

Interestingly, nowhere in the imaginary world of this supposedly “woke” uber liberal did Prof. Feldman mention the ostracizing, persecution and violence that members of the LGBT community face in the Islamic world.

What’s even more remarkable is that (according to Wikipedia) Prof. Feldman was raised in an Orthodox Jewish home and attended Jewish Day School. While his academic record is stellar, it appears that his brilliance has clouded his ability to see the reality. On a related note, he has been an vocal and open critic of Orthodox Judaism.

This poses the following question: Since our nation’s founding, Constitution, and legal system are based on Judeo-Christian principles and values, how is it that an admirer of Islam can be considered a Constitutional Scholar???

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