Hillary Clinton: Not Exactly in Touch with “the People”


Clintons’ steak fry flight tab: $50,100

Nov. 8, 2014 – Proving once again that the Clintons – and particularly Hillary – are out of touch with the common American, even though they profess to represent him or her, Iowa Democrats paid $50,100 to Executive Fliteways, Inc. to fly Bill and Hillary to Iowa for retiring U.S. Sen. Tom Harkin’s final Steak Fry in September. A round-trip first class ticket from NYC to Des Moines, in contrast, costs less than $2,000 per person!

Hillary Clinton has come under fire for making paid speeches for up to $250,000 an appearance, including some to elite groups such as Goldman Sachs. She and Bill Clinton have defended the millions of dollars in speaking fees that they have earned. Executive Fliteways, the private aircraft charter company , is apparently the air travel provider of choice for the Clintons, USA TODAY said.

The good news for the fine hard-working people of the great State of Iowa is that the Democrats wasted a lot of money to bring out their version of “heavy hitters”, yet lost in Iowa anyway!


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