Apologize or Else!

Adelson to DCCC: Apologize or Else!

Casino magnate and conservative philanthropist Sheldon Adelson has threatened the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee with a lawsuit over false statements made by the Committee claiming Adelson “personally approved of prostitution and knew of other improper activity at his company’s properties in the Chinese enclave of Macau, China.”



Clinton silent as Egypt says peace with Israel contingent on …

Clinton silent as Egypt says peace with Israel contingent on return to 67 borders, giving up Jerusalem

Clinton silent as Egypt says peace with Israel contingent on return to ’67 borders, giving up Jerusalem.

Another terrific expose by Adam Kredo:

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was silent as a senior Egyptian official stated during a joint press conference that his country would only uphold its peace treaty with Israel if the Jewish state returns to its 1967 borders and gives Palestinians control over portions of Jerusalem.

During a press conference Saturday in Cairo …




Obama’s Iran Loopholes

Obama's Iran loopholes

Obama’s Iran Loopholes – With exemptions wide enough to fit an ICBM nuclear warhead, the sanctions are mostly smoke for 20 major Iran trading partners.

Dear PAC Members, Friends and Activists,

Here’s just one more among many reasons that this November’s elections are the most important in our lifetimes!!!

Many of us have heard our Congressional leaders, AIPAC activists and other experts in the mix speak of “crippling sanctions” on Iran’s petroleum industry. Periodically, we get an email or press release bragging about the passage – by a praiseworthy overwhelming majority in Congress – of another round of de facto international restrictions on the Government of Iran, its Central Bank, or the IRGC.

Leave it to the Obama Administration, then, to dilute these hard-earned legislative and policy victories with a simple stroke of a naïve, if not dangerous, pen.

Please read this brief exposé and judge for yourselves.

Obama’s Iran Loopholes

All 20 of Iran’s major trading partners have sanction exemptions.

In Istanbul Tuesday, U.S. and Iranian nuclear negotiators meet for the fourth time in four months, with the classic diplomatic assignment of talking about whether to hold future talks. They’ll likely agree to do so, but the real news happened under the radar last week: Though economic sanctions still haven’t slowed or stopped Iran’s nuclear drive, the Obama Administration has decided to make them even weaker. The Iran sanctions regime is looking like the U.S. tax code—filled with loopholes …





Obama … Arab Spring and the Brotherhood’s accounting for 10-15% …

Arab Spring in Egypt and the Brotherhood

Raise your hand if you heard the Obama Administration and Tom Friedman Embracing the Arab Spring and the Brotherhood’s accounting for “10-15%, at most”

Dear PAC Members, Activists and Friends,

Only in the minds of the naive Obama Administration or the New York Times ever-reliable-for-a-good-fantasy Thomas Friedman was the Arab Spring refreshing. Out of Egypt, as they say, come a series of deeply troubling, war-mongering videos and speeches by the country’s new leadership.

I was never fooled or naive about it, nor were many of you. The same thing happened in Iran 33 years ago – using the same promise of “democracy”. The storyline is nearly identical. (See this excellent piece by Raymond Ibrahim – click here)

Now, after Obama, Hillary Clinton and Thomas Friedman all told us that we should embrace the “youth movement” and “democracy” in Egypt, and – as many may recall – that the Muslim Brotherhood would at most represent 15% of the vote in Egypt, comes the harsh reality. Don’t believe me – listen to Egypt’s newly-elected leader:
“Our Capital shall be Jerusalem, Allah willing”
“The Capital of the Caliphate – the United State of Arabs – will be Jerusalem, Allah Willing”
“Millions of Martyrs will march to Jerusalem”
“Gaza will be liberated”

And for the bright-eyed, bushy-tailed liberals among us, check out the new Egyptian President taking direct aim with his immediate war on women, and Islamic imposition of strict social guidelines. (Sharia, anyone???)

If Progressives want to see what a “War on Women” really is, they must wake up and reconsider your unholy alliance with Radical Islam.



More double-talk and kabuki dance from the State Dept …

Victoria Nuland

More double-talk and kabuki dance from the State Dept., as Spox Refuses to Recognize Jerusalem as Israeli Capital at Press Conference.

Why does this not come as a surprise to us???

WH Press Secretary Jay Carney has nothing on State Department Spokesperson Victoria Nuland when it comes to providing that glazed-over look that has become so famous among the Obama Administration’s hypnotized representatives.

What does Ms. Nuland mean when she says “Direct Negotiations between the parties”? Which parties need to negotiate whose capital Jerusalem is? How, then, can she refer to herself as a third party with regard to an executory matter that is within her direct or indirect jurisdiction? Many thanks to the ZOA,, and other non-traditional outlets for exposing the Obama Administration at its anti-Israel best.

Watch the video here.

Also read the ZOA’s Press Release here.