Having Fled the Castro Regime, Miami’s Maximo Alvarez Delivers an Emotional and Powerful Freedom-Loving Speech at GOP Convention

One cannot help but be moved by this uplifting, patriotic story of a family’s journey from the depths of life under communist and fascist dictators to the glorious heights of American freedom, economic opportunity, and prosperity!

God Bless Maximo Alvarez and his family, God Bless President Donald J. Trump, and God Bless the United States of America!


Maximo Alvarez, president of Sunshine Gasoline Distributors, Inc., speaks as he sits with President Donald Trump during a roundtable discussion on tax cuts for Florida small businesses, in Hialeah, Fla. (AP Photo/Lynne Sladky)

Jimmy Kimmel Exposes Vacant Space Between the Ears of Some Americans

Kimmel Video on Obamacare Photo

Watch this hilarious video at:

It helps to solve the mystery solved of how a majority of American Voters twice elected a subversive, income-redistributing, anti-Israel, Muslim-sympathizing, inexperienced community organizer with Marxist lineage!


Looking Back at 4 Years of OBAMA “Change”

Hope and Change – 4 years later video from Fox & Friends – real eye opener.


Immigration Policy by Obama

Allen West

Congressman Allen West Reacts to New Immigration Policy Imposed by the Obama Administration outside the legislative process.

Dear Members, Friends and Activists,

Regardless of our respective and perhaps diverse individual views on immigration, the Obama Administration has once again demonstrated its abuse of Executive power in bypassing the constitutionally-mandated legislative process and issuing an executive order that represents a significant policy shift.

Here’s Janet Napolitano’s Announcement:

Here’s Congressman West’s reaction:


Sen. Sherrod Brown squirms …

The Uber-Progressive, JStreet-endorsed and backed Sen. Sherrod Brown squirms when asked about his Israel positions at Netroots Conference

As may of you know, our good friend – Ohio State Treasurer Josh Mandel – has been “enlisted” by party and conservative leaders everywhere to oppose the uber-Progressive Sen. Sherrod Brown for U.S. Senate from Ohio, the ultimate swing state in this hotly contested 2012 election to restore AMERICAN PRINCIPLES to the White House and Senate.

Among the union-backed, Obama-aligned Brown’s many Progressive “credentials” is a poor voting record on Israel. To wit, Brown was one of only three Senators to appear at the 2011 JStreet Conference, even after that organization’s true funding sources (Soros) and agenda were exposed. Moreover, Brown has the unenviable role of being one of only two Senators endorsed by the nefarious JStreet lobby.

Watch Sen. Brown squirm when asked about his JStreet ties and Israel positions at the most unlikely of places for this topic to be discussed: the recent Netroots conference. (Israel or foreign policy are generally not topics for discussion at liberal and progressive meetings. The focus is almost entirely on the left’s social agenda and redistributionist economics.) Watch further how Brown repeatedly and uncomfortably looks at Javier’s (the reporter’s) name tag throughout the interview.


As for Mandel, he is already – at the age of 34 – State Treasurer of Ohio after having served in its State Legislature, and having earned the largest margin of victory in any of Ohio’s 2010 statewide elections.

As a U.S. Marine, he proudly served our nation for 8 years, including two tours in Iraq. Josh Mandel’s Bio is attached.

In addition to a multitude of important endorsements, Josh Mandel is being supported and promoted by The Club for Growth and Sen. Jim DeMint’s Senate Conservatives Fund, two of the pre-eminent, most sought-after Republican endorsements that Josh secured nearly a year ago.





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